Work with us

We are interested in partnering with business and academic organizations, both on long-term and single project basis. As our program is based on opportunity learning, we are eager to discuss your vision for our work together.

We prefer engaging our students in solving real and important problems, thus we champion projects from the areas like r&d, innovation design and social entrepreneurship.

Relationship with Liger Learning Center is an opportunity for your business to:

– Get to know an amazing group of students and tutors
– Solve specific research problems
– Create a valuable case study
– Add an extra spark of innovation to your company

If you have a specific project in mind, or would like to general ideas, which you think might be valuable to us, contact us at

Take part in an exploration

Explorations are seven week long projects that examine are real topic, problem or issue (usually related to Cambodia). Students, working in groups of approximately 12, research and experience their topic using a variety of methods, which culminate in producing a real product or service that helps improve the topic, problem or issue.

Explorations are an easy way to initiate a partnership. We are open to different ways of engagement in them, so if any topic suits you, or you have something else in mind, please let us know, so could discuss specifics. Below you can find upcoming explorations, you can also read more about past explorations

Contact us

If you feel, you can contribute to our goal, or want to know more, contact us at

Liger Learning Center is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer
and educational institution.