Work with us

Work with, not for

Co-create the success of amazingly talented and dedicated kids in Phnom Penh flying through a world class education program in a rapidly developing organization. We do not believe in B-teams, so please be sure to bring your a-game with you.

Prepare to be surprised

When we say dedicated, we really mean it. You can check our stories and prepare to be challenged, amazed and engaged by the endless stream of energy, ideas and daily work towards ambitous goal of bringing real change to a developing country.

Invitation to cooperate

We are always looking for mentors to volunteer their time and expertise. Help can range from coming to Cambodia to work with our students or working remotely. The time commitment can range from and hour or two a week to a full residential visit to Liger for longer periods of time.

If you feel, you can contribute to our goal, or want to know more, contact us at

Liger Learning Center is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer
and educational institution.