History And
The Future


Visiting Cambodia for the first time in 2002, Agnieszka and Trevor fell in love with the country and its people. After extensive research and planning, in 2009 they began development of the concept they had nurtured for many years:  a new type of organization providing resources and guidance for promising children as a long-term investment to help the entire society. The founders were fortunate to attract a great team of specialists whose shared passion lead to opening the first Liger Learning Center in 2012.

The future

The Liger Charitable Foundation has a mandate designed to produce long-term results in a way that will truly change the future not just of the immediate beneficiaries but also of the country in question and its people. We are patient and determined to see this result, understanding that societal change is typically measured in decades.

Our model has been created as a blueprint and is being constantly optimized, with the ultimate goal of expanding the Liger Learning Center model to other developing countries.