Phnom Penh, Cambodia

As a 21st-century progressive international learning center, with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, leadership and social responsibility programs, authentic connections to our local surroundings and communities are an essential part of who we are. Moreover, at Liger Learning Center community relations form a key part of the curriculum, as students engage in experiential activities both on- and off-campus.

At the same time, the center is an integral part of the neighborhood, both by social interaction and by inviting local community and international visitors on site. This view of the Liger Learning Center as a central focus for the community allows staff and students to come together around that most unifying of forces – the education of our children. The curriculum draws from best practices internationally to ensure that the highest expectations are set and the highest standards reached for our students, both as individuals and as members of our global society.

On-site there are classrooms, a science lab, music and art areas, sports facilities, gardens and an organic farm. A combination of Cambodian and international teaching staff from the highest educational backgrounds are employed. In most schools here, students are taught by rote, which many experts believe is not an effective way of learning.

Therefore, The Liger Charitable Foundation offers training to outside Cambodian teachers so that they can learn techniques that are more beneficial and accessible for the students’ learning requirements. The children live on-site in dormitories designed in the traditional Khmer style, with live-in Cambodian caregivers. The house parents are instrumental in providing a supportive and healthy environment enabling the children to flourish.