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What is an Exploration at Liger?

Explorations are seven week long projects that examine are real topic, problem or issue (usually related to Cambodia). Students, working in groups of approximately 12, research and experience their topic using a variety of methods. Often, students will travel throughout Cambodia to conduct research, interviews, etc. The world is actually our classroom as students use a variety of resources including finding mentors, from throughout the world, who can assist with their expertise to assure the success of the Exploration. Explorations culminate in students producing a real product or service that helps improve the topic, problem or issue.

An Example of an Exploration

Topic: Writing a Book About the Animals of Cambodia
Not many publications are available in Cambodia that describe the various animals and their habitat in Cambodia. Our students are writing this book. Working with a mentor from a non profit organization called Art in a Box, http://www.artinabox.org/Home.htm from New York City, our students are describing approximately 100 species of animals found in Cambodia by writing scientific text and creating original watercolor paintings for each. During the 2015-16 school year the Liger students will help find funding to distribute this book throughout Cambodia so that Cambodians can learn more about their valuable wildlife.

How Might You Help?

We are always looking for mentors to volunteer their time and expertise to help our students create successful Explorations.

Help can range from coming to Cambodia to work with our students or working virtually via Skype, email, etc. The time commitment can range from and hour or two a week to a full residential visit to Liger for longer periods of time.

If you are interested in helping with any of the following needs at Liger, or want to know more, please email us at