7 June 2017Cashville Kidz 2017 – written by Jan K.

The Junior cohort has recently completed Cashville Kidz, an educational, animated series of 8 episodes with questions and discussion topics. Each episode focuses on a specific financial lesson. Saving money, developing positive spending habits and selecting wise investments are among the many financial concepts that are covered in the Cashville Kidz program, in order to develop financially savvy students.


The purpose of initiating this program is to achieve four main objectives:

  • To create an exciting avenue for kids to acquire Financial Literacy
  • To create opportunities for kids to apply their financial knowledge in an exciting manner
  • To create a platform where kids can exchange ideas on financial literacy
  • To motivate kids to take initiative in learning financial literacy through experiential learning

We participated in this program once a week with all 60 Junior students. It was offered in both English and Khmer. The students would watch a short video and then answer a few questions about the lesson. We would then have a discussion about the vocabulary and the concepts.

Here is a list of the topics with a short description:

Episode 1 – The History Of Money

Students are introduced to the importance of Financial Literacy as well as the concept of money & how money evolved over time to meet the needs of civilization.

Episode 2 – Money: It’s A Sport

Students learn to associate money management with sports by being introduced to the Golden Rule of MoneyTree: Plan, Take Action and Start Saving Early!

Episode 3 – Smart Buying Habits

This episode aims to help students understand the concept of smart spending by buying based on “NEEDS” instead of “WANTS”.

Episode 4 – Balancing Time And Money

Students learn that both time and money are limited resources. Hence, it is very important that they develop good time & money management habits.

Episode 5 – Lessons from Millionaires

Students learn the “Secrets” of Millionaires, or how to become successful by acquiring the right mindset, being proactive and developing appropriate money habits.

Episode 6 – The Right Money Habits

This episode educates students on how to develop the three right money habits: Save Early and Save Often, Always Pay Yourself First, and Plan Before Spending.

Episode 7 – Your Money Beliefs

Students learn to understand the power of positive thinking and empowering beliefs. They discover techniques which they can apply to help them develop positive wealth beliefs.

Episode 8 – ABC for new habits

Students learn the concept of habits by applying the ABC Rule; A = Action, B = Belief and C = Consequences to develop those habits.


We had a pre-assessment, a post-assessment and finally finished with a comprehensive assessment. The three scores were evaluated by representatives from Money Tree Cambodia and students were selected to receive recognition and prizes based on their achievement. We then chose one student to represent Liger in a competition against seven other schools in Cambodia for a grand prize at an awards ceremony. Yanich Khin will be the Liger representative.

Top Liger Junior students:

There are two types of prizes:

Tier 1 winners

1. Angely Ros

2. Mealea Mang

3. Nirorn Sarin

Tier 2 winners

1. Bandith Thay

2. Vuochnea Taing

3. Engtieng Oun

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