3 April 2017Resume, Cover Letter, Interview!

Recently, DC-Cam sent out an advertisement for an internship opportunity, which involved their magazine, and required either translation or writing skills. DC-Cam is a wonderful organization in Phnom Penh that seeks justice by collecting, organizing, analyzing and making public any documentation related to the the Khmer Rouge regime. They are one of the main suppliers of evidence for the on-going Khmer Rouge tribunals, and are home to hundreds of thousands of photos, videos, letters, articles, research papers and primary sources related to the Khmer Rouge.

This year, our Senior students have rotated through four seven-week projects about the Khmer Rouge. The first group, who focused on what led up to the Khmer Rouge seizing power, took a visit to DC-Cam’s offices, and were wowed by the sheer amount of information to which they had access. The second group, who focused on the time during the Khmer Rouge regime, also visited the offices, where they met and interviewed DC-Cam’s Executive Director, Youk Chhang. His inspiring story of surviving the Khmer Rouge, coupled with his current role in seeking justice for his people, really inspired our students. Needless to say, this is an incredibly highly-regarded and change-making organization, and any of our students would be lucky to collaborate with their employees.

Unfortunately, the requirements for the job stated that they were looking for applicants who were currently in university; our students are only in grade nine. However, one of our Change Agent Characteristics is Calculated Risk-Taking, so all our fifteen year old students were asked if any of them were interested in applying. Three of our students were interested in the chance, and in order to apply, needed to craft their first resume and cover letter.

As the students worked, it became clear just how jam-packed their time at Liger has been these past five years. How many fifteen-year-olds anywhere in the world have had this many diverse experiences in writing and public speaking? How many teenaged resumes include helping to write four different books? Suffice to say, it was an excellent opportunity for our students and staff to reflect on the education we are providing at Liger; a chance to celebrate the learning that has occurred, and get excited for where these students are going to take us in their final three years.

Please see below for the text of one of the student’s resumes. All identifying information has been removed.


Liger Learning Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Aug 2012-present

  • General Studies – currently in Grade 9
  • Coursework includes:
    • nearly five years of Khmer Literacy, including writing, reading, listening and speaking
    • nearly five years of English Literacy, in a full immersion school
      • by graduation in 2020, will have spoken English for more than 10,000 hours
    • Explorations: seven-week project-based learning experiences, including projects related to media, law and history
      • has completed 20 such projects so far, on various topics, including: Waste Management, Water Safety, Liger Public Relations, Ecology

Writing/Translation Experiences_____________________________________

  • worked on translation of the student-produced, 207-page book The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia, which can be purchased at Monument Books
  • assisted on translation of the student-produced book The Cambodian Economy, which can be purchased at Monument Books
  • researched, wrote and illustrated a bilingual book about the science behind the carbon cycle, to be used in government school science classes
  • wrote a 36-page bilingual book about the Bunong indigenous minority, after traveling to Mondulkiri and interviewing people firsthand
  • creative writing / poetry slam (English)
  • documentary script writing (multiple, both Khmer and English)
  • wrote a business plan for a potential waste management company (English)
  • created posters in Khmer teaching students in the provinces about water safety
  • independently researched, drafted and wrote an opening speech + resolutions as part of Model UN (English)

Public Speaking Experiences_________________________________________

  • Hackathon (2016) – after creating an original app and business plan, presented on stage to a panel of judges about the app function/layout, etc.; ended up winning third place for Most Promising Team (English)
  • Model UN (2015) – as part of the MUN team, represented Turkey; gave opening speech, asked questions, responded/participated following MUN guidelines (English)
  • Impact Hub (2016) – gave presentation about a digital currency students created for our school to an audience of about 20 university students + teachers (English)
  • “Sharation” presentations – every seven weeks since 2013; students share what they have learned, in both Khmer and English, about a range of topics; answer questions and present using a variety of structures (ex. performance, slideshow, etc.)

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